Tewkesbury Nature Reserve is led by a small Board of Trustees.

This is composed of local residents, advised by a Management Committee which includes representatives of some of our partner organisations (including the Environment Agency, Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and a regional university), alongside local enthusiasts. A Reserve Manager (employed on a part-time basis) has responsibility for the day-to-day management of the reserve, and can call on an active pool of volunteers for help with suitable tasks.

Larry Blacker
I retired in 2003 (early!) from Eagle Star / Zurich after a career in IT, Personnel and latterly facilities management, where I managed soft services for some 200 branches and 7 head offices. After a succession of interim jobs elsewhere I was appointed the Tewkesbury Nature Reserve Manager in December 2003. For the next 6 years the emphasis was on changing a collection of fields into a community nature reserve by working on developing the infrastructure, resulting in the installation of the car park, the information posts and lecterns, the introduction of the cows and sheep, the bird hides and the wildflower meadow. I finally retired in June 2019. I took the position of Chairman of TNR in March 2020 on the retirement of Les Buchanan without whom the reserve wouldn’t have the importance the reserve now has in the community. Since March I am delighted we have attracted 7 new trustees to join the four current trustees overseeing all aspects of the reserve.
Pat Barber
Reserve Manager
Hi, I’m Pat Barber and I’m the Reserve Manager. I started working for TNR in June 2019 following a long career with Natural England, which is part of Defra, working as a Lead Adviser in the Land Management Team. My previous work involved setting up and managing environmental agreements to benefit a wide range of wildlife and habitats. These ranged from wetlands to species-rich grasslands and arable land, including many Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) which are high priority sites. I’ve worked in most counties around this area, and it’s quite satisfying when I travel around to see many projects that I helped start are up still in place and effective! In my spare time I play sax and keyboards in a band, so never bored!
Peter Bates
I'm retired after a varied career, first in archaeology, then running a pub, and finally in public sector administration at the UK Research Councils. I moved to Tewkesbury in 2014, and live on the Wheatpieces estate , very close to the reserve entrance. As soon as I found out about TNR I offered my services as a volunteer, and now as secretary to the board of trustees I aim to bring a degree of administrative rigour to our various processes and procedures. I enjoy walking and watching wildlife, both at home and abroad. My face-to-face encounter with an otter on the reserve, in broad daylight and only a few hundred yards from my front door, was a real highlight. Away from the reserve my wife and i enjoy watching sport, including Derby County FC and Gloucestershire County Cricket Club.
Tony Charlton
Worked for 35 years in education – a mix of lecturing, training teachers, exhibition organisation, authoring careers books and administration – now retired. My interests include art and design, literature, exploring the local region on foot, visiting museums, rail transport and doing battle with weeds on my allotment. I like to participate in volunteer work parties on the Reserve.
Lizzie Croose
I am a mammal conservation ecologist and currently work for the Vincent Wildlife Trust; a mammal research and conservation charity. My work primarily involves developing and implementing research and conservation efforts on small carnivores (pine marten, polecat, stoat and weasel). I also have experience in science communication, writing technical reports and papers, and content for social media channels and websites. My primary areas of interest include wildlife ecology and conservation, biodiversity restoration, and the relationship between nature and human wellbeing. I enjoy running, yoga, travelling, photography, baking, and generally exploring the outdoors!
Richard Watkins
Treasurer and Trustee
Richard is a qualified accountant who works for a firm in Cheltenham as a Senior Manager in the audit department, with experience in the not-for-profit sector. Richard and his wife moved to Tewkesbury in 2011 and reside on the Wheatpieces estate, a stone’s through from the Reserve itself. He enjoys travel and languages and has lived and worked previously in Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. Richard is also a big football fan and organises the walking football group in Tewkesbury.
Hayley Fleming
I studied environmental policy at the University of Gloucestershire and work for Natural England (the government’s adviser for the natural environment), influencing local authorities and developers to protect and enhance the natural environment through their planning decisions. I live in Tewkesbury town centre with my young family and enjoy daily walks in our wonderful green spaces, with my two young kids, husband and dog. I enjoy road biking (shorter distances!), Pilates, my book club, spending time with my friends with (and without!) our kids, and am an active member of Tewkesbury Friends of the Earth.
James Hargreave
James has lived with his family in Tewkesbury since 2008. He is a Programme Manager in the Low Carbon Energy Sector with previous roles as a Woodland and Education Officer with the Forestry Commission, a Project Officer for The Mammal Society and in Rights of Way Management. James has postgraduate research experience in biodiversity and agricultural change and has an interest in monitoring and recording of wildlife to aid successful management of land for communities and wildlife. In his spare time James is a keen amateur photographer, contributing wildlife photos to local publications and enjoys birding, kayaking, and mountaineering.
Kate Lang
I currently work in the Data and Insight team at a conservation charity and grew up in the Tewkesbury area. In my spare time I enjoy exploring the countryside with my dog on foot and paddle board, making the most of my garden growing lots of veggies and also play football for a local team.
Lindsey McEwen
My professional background is in geography – water management, risk and resilience and community-based learning. I work in higher education at University of the West of England but live in Bishops Cleeve. Skills – alongside a love of the outdoors – include education and bid writing.
Dave Witts
Worked in marketing and transport logistics at a local company now retired. My interests from astronomy, photography, advertising solutions to furniture making. I’ve been a member of the Tewkesbury Nature Reserve management from its inception and like to work hands on on the reserve.

Management Group

The Management Group is chaired by Pat Barber, Reserve Manager and provides the day to day running of the Reserve.