Since 2012, we have been passionate about encouraging everyone in our community to enjoy the 44 hectares of land and water that make up Tewkesbury Nature Reserve (TNR).

A mix of flood meadow and pasture and situated on the edge of the historic town of Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire, it is just minutes from the M5 motorway. We believe it is important to spread the message that 40% of all species rely on wetlands for water, food or habitat.

For humans, too, the benefits of spending time experiencing the sights and sounds of nature can help with recovery from illness, as well as help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Looking ahead to 2021/22, we have exciting plans to host educational activities, including school visits and guided walks, plus community events and fun activities for all the family. 

History of Tewkesbury Nature Reserve

We asked one of the TNR founders and current Trustee, Dave Witts, to explain how the idea of a Tewkesbury nature reserve came about and its subsequent development.

When did the idea of a reserve first get discussed?

The idea was first suggested at a Severn and Avon Flood Group meeting in September 2008 the idea was taken up by PPNP’s Becky Jeale because the flood group had an enormous job to do on flooding.

Who owns the land?

Tewkesbury Borough Council owns part of the reserve and TNR owns the other.

Has the reserve been successful in attracting funding?

Yes £243,000 was awarded by the Gloucestershire Environment Trust, £40,000 from the Leader Fund, £5500 from Severn Trent Water and some 106 money through TBC land transfer.

What do you see as the major milestones?

Two things really stand out in my mind: Getting all the legalities sorted and settled which took some years and then major funding to get capital works done.

Would it be right to say that the Nature Reserve is a  classic example of what a group of determined volunteers can achieve?

Yes I think it is because the structure we put in place cut out all the drawn-out discussions you would get from various public organisations.