Our Vision

 “A healthy, thriving community nature reserve, a safe haven for wildlife combined with an educational environment in which people can connect with nature.”

Our Mission

  • Establish, develop and maintain a healthy and thriving community nature reserve, by protecting, improving, and conserving the natural environment, and enhancing the biodiversity of the site.
  • Make the reserve accessible to the public as a place for recreation, education, and the promotion of health and wellbeing, while balancing the needs of visitors with those of the natural environment.
  • Develop the reserve as an outdoor learning environment, and promote an understanding and appreciation of freshwater wetlands, nature and wildlife across all age groups through active community participation.
  • Reinstate and support natural hydrological processes, re-naturalise watercourses and create new wetland areas, creating new spaces for nature and improving the site’s ability to retain water, and playing a part in reducing flooding.

Our Strategic objectives:

  1. Develop and manage the reserve to further enhance the biodiversity of fauna and flora.
  2. Make the reserve accessible to all as a place where people can connect with wildlife, with benefits for education, physical and mental health, and wellbeing.
  3. Engage the local community in enjoying and caring for the reserve, encouraging a respect for nature combined with ownership and pride in a valued local amenity.
  4. Develop the reserve as a learning environment, offering a range of educational opportunities tailored to different ages, interests and needs.
  5. Further improve the site’s ability to retain water through the creation of new wetland areas, and supporting natural vegetation to act as a sponge.
  6. Ensure the reserve plays its part within the “Nature Recovery Networks” of the river corridor and the wider local natural environment; and forge region-specific partnerships with complimentary conservation areas, projects, individuals and organisations.
  7. Generate a sustainable level of funding and the other resources necessary to ensure the reserve can flourish and achieve its strategic objectives.
  8. Promote awareness of the reserve through targeted, specific, engaging and informative content, using a range of platforms both online and offline.  
  9. Ensure the organisation is effective and fit for purpose through sound governance and management.