This year at Tewkesbury Nature Reserve we are hosting a nature photography competition, to help showcase local wildlife and photography talent, raise funding for the reserve, and to improve our annual species records. The competition will run until midnight on Thursday 1st December 2022, and all photos that are submitted will be uploaded to our photography map. The twelve winning entries will have their images featured in our 2023 fundraising calendar of which they will win a copy of it. If calendars are later sold, all proceeds from the calendar will be used to help generate funding to continue the current work at Tewkesbury Nature Reserve.

Rules and submissions:

All submissions must be taken at Tewkesbury Nature Reserve and must be submitted by midnight on the 1st of December. The theme of the competition is nature, however, you are free to interpret this however you want, whether this is by photographing birds and trees, photographing a leaf collage, or creating a multi-image picture showing the changing weather across Tewkesbury Nature Reserve. Unfortunately, images including people cannot be included.

As well as using the competition to showcase local wildlife and landscapes we want to upload all photographs submitted to our Tewkesbury Nature Reserve photography map. As this will be used to help build up our records and benefit our annual understanding of the site. To do this although we welcome all submissions, we ask that where possible, you also record the date and location (this can be done using google maps and recording a photo’s latitude and longitude) of each photograph, as this allows us to add the photograph to our Photography Map.



By submitting any photographs to the Tewkesbury Nature Reserve photography competition, you give consent for Tewkesbury Nature Reserve to use these images for publication within the Tewkesbury Nature Reserve 2023 fundraising calendar, to upload your images to our online photography map, and to use your photos for promotional purposes to promote the reserve (e.g social media, posters and leaflets).

Winning entries:

The competition aims to showcase local photography and wildlife. A committee of Tewkesbury Nature Reserve staff will then choose the twelve favourite photos to appear in our 2023 calendar. Each winning submission will then receive a free calendar, and the calendar may then be used to generate funding for the management of Tewkesbury Nature Reserve.

How to submit

We cannot wait to see your photo submissions, so get outside and get photographing!

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