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Our unique location, only a few hundred yards from the historic centre of Tewkesbury and only a mile from junction 9 the M5 motorway, provides the opportunity to offer a valuable recreational area to the town and to bring wildlife to the doorstep of some 20,000 people, while also potentially attracting visitors from much further afield.

The River Swilgate flows into the reserve from the south, and the Tirle Brook from the northeast: these two water courses converge within the site, and flow out at the northwest towards Tewkesbury Abbey, and the River Avon. The reserve is situated on a floodplain, and is subject to regular inundation. To the west and south the reserve is bordered by the busy A38 Tewkesbury Bypass, and to the east, west and north it is surrounded by residential and commercial development.

The reserve occupies 40 hectares of land to the south-east of Tewkesbury, bordered by the A38 Tewkesbury by-pass to the south and east; the A438 (from Tewkesbury town centre to M5 Junction 9) to the north, and the Stonehills and Priors Park residential estates to the west.

There is currently no access to the reserve for vehicles. There are several pedestrian entrances. Our main entrance is from the A38 (off the roundabout for the Wheatpieces estate). The closest entrance to Tewkesbury town centre is from Link Road.